Bhawan / Dharmshala

Since last 92 years Sewa Samiti has been extending its service activities in various areas of Haridwar. Today, Sewa Samiti has also expanded its service activities in a larger way.

Sewa Samiti has build up its own Bhawan / Dharamshala which is situated at Laltara Pul near Bank of Mother Ganga. The land for the said Bhawan has been provided by Shri Taponidhi Niranjini Akhara, Haridwar. The Bhawan is providing facilities to the tourists who visit Haridwar and also to the local residents for their various activities.

The Bhawan consists of 1 big Community Hall which is used for various community and religious functions. There are 2 Dharamshalas which are part of the Bhawan which consists of 47 rooms which are equiped with all the modern facilities

A women's vocational centre is also running in the Bhawan premises wherein a vocation course of Sewing, Embroidery for all the girls and women is being conducted.

Sewa Samiti extends its sincere thanks to the donors with the help of whom these works have been completed. Last year, an expenditure of Rs.200000.00 has been incurred to enhance the facilities in the rooms of Dharamshala.

Special Appeal

Sewa Samiti is very happy to announce that the work of renovation of Radha Krishan Mandir Bhawan has been successfully taken up by Sewa Samiti in a larger way. The work of renovation for Community Hall and Temple has also been carried out in the future. The construction work of second floor has been carried out.

Any person who is interested in giving donation for the said renovation can send the enquiry through mail.

Sewa Samiti

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